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policies between January 2017 and December 2023

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  1. January 2021

    1. January 4, 2021

      DHS and DOL issue direct final rule extending DOL discretionary review to H-2B temporary labor certification cases

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-BasedLabor DHSDOL ProposedFinal/Actual Rule
  1. June 2020

    1. June 22, 2020

      DHS amends regulation to remove 30-day processing provision for asylum employment authorization applications

      Asylum, Withholding and CATLabor USCISDHS Final/ActualIn LitigationEnjoined/Vacated Rule
  1. January 2020

    1. January 15, 2020

      DOL makes annual adjustment to penalties for certain visa violations

      Employment VerificationWorkplace Enforcement USCISDOL Final/Actual Rule

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect
  1. January 2018

    1. January 29, 2018

      DOJ increases civil penalties, in line with inflation, for employers of undocumented immigrants

      Workplace EnforcementEmployment Verification ICEIER Final/Actual Rule

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect
  1. March 2017

    1. March 17, 2017

      DHS updates civil monetary penalties for employment violations in connection with H-2B program

      Workplace EnforcementNon-Immigrant Visas: Employment-Based DHSDOL Final/Actual Rule

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect