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policies between January 2017 and March 2023

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  1. December 2020

    1. December 8, 2020

      State Department proposes revisions to Refugee Biographic Data Sheet

      Refugees DOSBureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationUSCIS Proposed Forms and Information Collection
  1. November 2020

    1. November 18, 2020

      USCIS to require I-730 petitioners to appear for interview

      RefugeesAsylum, Withholding and CAT USCIS Final/ActualRescinded Agency DirectiveChange in Practice
  1. October 2020

    1. October 27, 2020

      POTUS reduces refugee admissions to 15,000 refugees for fiscal year 2021

      Refugees Bureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationORRUSCIS Final/Actual Presidential Orders

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect
  1. September 2019

    1. September 30, 2019

      USCIS issues policy guidance for Matter of L-E-A-

      Asylum, Withholding and CATRefugees USCISICEEOIR Final/Actual Agency Directive
    2. September 26, 2019

      POTUS issues EO 13888, limiting refugee resettlement to states and localities consenting to receive refugees

      Refugees Bureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationUSCISORRState & Local Entities Final/ActualIn LitigationEnjoined/Vacated Presidential Orders
  1. February 2019

    1. February 14, 2019

      USCIS tightens legal marriage requirement for refugee RE-2 derivative spouses

      Refugees USCIS Final/Actual Agency DirectiveChange in Practice
  1. October 2017

    1. October 24, 2017

      POTUS issues EO 13815, announcing resumption of refugee admissions with new extreme vetting procedures

      Refugees Bureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationUSCISDOJ Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. March 2017

    1. March 6, 2017

      President issues memo implementing heightened vetting of visa applications and reporting requirements

      RefugeesNon-Immigrant Visas Bureau of Consular AffairsBureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationORRUSCISDHSDOJ Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. January 2017

    1. January 27, 2017

      POTUS issues EO 13769, implementing travel ban and limiting refugee admissions

      Immigrant VisasNon-Immigrant VisasRefugees USCISBureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Final/ActualIn Litigation Presidential Orders