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DHS delays decision on TPS for Honduras, triggering six-month extension

  1. Date Announced

    Nov. 6, 2017

    DHS Secretary announces the need for more time to make a TPS determination for Honduras. During the pendency of her deliberations, TPS is automatically extended for six months, to July 5, 2018, under the governing statutory provisions. [ID #24]

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  2. Effective Date of Change

    July 5, 2018
  3. Subsequent Action

    March 13, 2019

    On March 13, 2019, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has agreed to temporarily halt its plans to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for individuals from Nepal and Honduras, according to court documents filed yesterday in California federal district court case, Bhattarai v. Nielsen. In Bhattarai, affected foreign nationals are challenging DHS’s termination of TPS designations for Nepal and Honduras. TPS for Nepal was originally set to be terminated on June 24, 2019 and Honduras on January 5, 2020. The Bhattarai case has been stayed pending resolution of the Ramos appeal at the Ninth Circuit. On September 14, 2020, the Ninth Circuit lifted the injunction in that case; a motion for rehearing en banc is due November 30, 2020. Meanwhile, as of 10/21/20, the Bhattarai stay remains in effect.

    **Litigation is listed for informational purposes and is not comprehensive. For the current status of legal challenges, check other sources.**

    USCIS Notice on the Termination of the Designation of Honduras for Temporary Protected Status
Type of Action: Agency Directive
Subject Matter: TPS
Agencies Affected: USCIS

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