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DHS OIG issues report on major management and performance challenges facing DHS

  1. Original Date Announced

    November 10, 2020

    The DHS Office of the Inspector General report discusses operational challenges facing DHS due to the pandemic, outdated information technology (IT) and financial systems; and other sources. Notably, because of IT deficiencies, DHS "could not confirm the total number of families" the agency "separated during the Zero Tolerance period." [ID #1188}

    DHS OIG Report: Major Management and Performance Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security

Current Status

Fully in Effect

Original Trump Policy Status

Status: Final/Actual
Trump Administration Action: Data and Reports
Subject Matter: Enforcement Minors
Agencies Affected: DHS


  • Wall Street Journal: IT Snafus Added Confusion to Migrant Family Reunification, Watchdog Says

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