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EOIR Director issues directives on case priorities and IJ performance metrics

  1. Date Announced

    Jan. 17, 2018

    The EOIR Director revokes all prior guidance from the Chief Immigration Judge on case priorities, superseding "all other memoranda establishing case processing or docketing priorities."

    The memorandum directs immigration judges to prioritize cases involving individuals in detention, as well as those subject to statutory, regulatory, or court-ordered deadlines. The memorandum also creates productivity metrics for immigration judges, directing them to complete:

    • 85% of detained cases within 60 days of the NTA, reopening, recalendaring, remand from the BIA, or notification of detention
    • 85% of all motions within 40 days of filing
    • 90% of all custody redeterminations within 14 days
    • 95% of all hearings at the first merits hearing
    • 100% of all credible fear cases within 7 days
    • 100% of all reasonable fear cases within 14 days
    • 100% of all expedited asylum cases within the statutory deadline
    • 85% of all IHP cases before schedule release

    [ID #155]

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  2. Effective Date of Change

    Jan. 17, 2018

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