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DOL requests comment on revisions to H-2B Foreign Labor Certification Program Forms ETA-9165, 9142B, and 9155

  1. Date Announced

    Sept. 7, 2018

    DOL requests comment on proposed revisions to the H-2B temporary non-agricultural labor certification program forms, which includes Form ETA-9142B; Appendix A, B, C, and D; Form ETA-9165; Form ETA-9155; Seafood Industry Attestation; E-Certification; and applicable instructions. The information collected on these forms pertains to prevailing wage determinations, temporary employment certification, and the nature and duration of the employer's need for H-2B workers . [ID #934]

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  3. Subsequent Action

    May 17, 2019

    OMB approved this information collection (without change) on 05/17/2019 with expiration until 05/31/2022.

    OMB approves information collect request
  4. Subsequent Action

    DOL ETA releases new ETA Form 9142B with expiration date of 05/31/2022.

    Form ETA-9142B


AILA Submits Comments on Proposed Changes to the H-2B Program Forms

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