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EOIR releases factsheet on "Myths vs. Facts About Immigration Proceedings"

  1. Date Announced

    Dec. 28, 2020

    EOIR releases an updated factsheet on "Myths vs. Facts About Immigration Proceedings," wherein it disputes a wide variety of public criticisms of the agency. In pointed commentary, the factsheet asserts that EOIR judges are unbiased and free from political influence, have professional diversity, are professional and ethical, and have been subject to fewer conduct complaints during this administration than previous years. The factsheet also re-rejects the use of administrative closure, asserts that the "overwhelming majority of asylum applications are either not pursued or are unmeritorious," defends the integrity of EOIR's data, maintains that respondents fail to appear in almost half of the cases, and claims that the Legal Orientation Program (LOP) prolongs proceedings and increases detention costs.

    [ID #1263]

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  2. Effective Date of Change

    Dec. 28, 2020
Status: Final/Actual
Type of Action: Data and Reports
Agencies Affected: EOIR

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