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EOIR rescinds ten OPPMs deemed outdated

  1. Original Date Announced

    November 20, 2020

    The EOIR Director issues Policy Memo 21-04 to rescind ten Operating Policies and Procedures Memoranda (OPPMs) deemed outdated or unnecessary:

    • OPPM 98-8 – Cancellation of Outdated Operating Policies and Procedures
    • OPPM 98-7 – Management of Institutional Hearing Program
    • OPPM 98-3 – Regulations Implementing Motions to Reopen for Suspension of Deportation/Cancellation of Removal under NACARA and other NACARA Cases
    • OPPM 96-5 – Creation of Immigration Judge Advisory Committees
    • OPPM 95-2 – Earliest Possible Release Dates on Institutional Hearing Program Cases
    • OPPM 94-10 – Wearing of the Robe During Immigration Judge Hearings
    • OPPM 93-4 – Cancellation of Outdated OPPM
    • OPPM 90-4 – Handling Charging Document in Administratively Closed Cases
    • OPPM 88-3 – Filing of Charging Documents in Cases Previously Administratively Closed
    • OPPM 84-7 – Court Actions Against EOIR Employees

    By rescinding OPPM 94-10, it appears the Director has eliminated the requirement that immigration judges wear judicial robes.

    [ID # 1216]

    EOIR Rescinds Ten Operating Policies and Procedures Memoranda
  2. Effective Date

    November 20, 2020

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