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EOIR Director sets case completion goals for OCAHO

  1. Original Date Announced

    December 21, 2018

    The EOIR Director sets the following ALJ case completion goals for the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO):

    • Complete 90% of INA § 274A cases (worksite enforcement/employer sanctions) within 430 days of filing
    • Complete 90% of INA § 274B cases (immigration-related unfair employment practices) within 500 days of filing
    • Complete 90% of INA § 274C cases (immigration-related document fraud) within 430 days of filing

    The time frames for CAHO review of ALJ decisions are set by regulation and not affected by this memo.

    [ID #199]

    EOIR Policy Memorandum (PM-19-09): OCAHO Case Completion Goals
  2. Effective Date

    December 21, 2018

Current Status

Fully in Effect

Original Trump Policy Status

Status: Final/Actual
Trump Administration Action: Agency Directive
Subject Matter: Hearings and Adjudications
Agencies Affected: EOIR


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