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ICE reportedly mines state driver's license databases using facial recognition

  1. Original Date Announced

    July 7, 2019

    ICE agents reportedly authorized administrative subpoenas of the Department of Licensing to conduct facial recognition scans of all photos of license applicants through state repositories of driver's license photos from Washington, Vermont, and Utah. Utah and Vermont have complied. [ID #413]

    FBI, ICE find state driver’s license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches

Current Status

Fully in Effect

Original Trump Policy Status

Status: Reported
Trump Administration Action: Change in Practice
Subject Matter: Interior
Agencies Affected: ICE


  • 2021.07.14 Undocumented Immigrants Can Get Licenses. ICE Can Get Their Data.

    On July 14, 2021, a new report from the Center for Public Integrity revealed that motor vehicle agencies in at least seven states — each of which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses — have shared immigrants’ personal information to U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) since January 2020. The report highlights that ICE agents request the motor vehicle agencies to run facial recognition searches to match a provided photo. On other occasions, ICE agents seek individuals’ addresses and driving records.

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