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ORR proposes 3-year extension, revisions to Report Forms ORR-3 and ORR-4

  1. Date Announced

    Dec. 11, 2020

    ORR has requested a 3-year extension of the ORR-3 and ORR-4 Report Forms and proposed revisions to promote clarity, secure outcome-based data, increase reporting compliance, and reduce burden. In particular, ORR is proposing to eliminate certain sections of ORR-3 that are rare in occurrence including estimated emancipation/termination dates, development of safety plan, certain immigration statuses, and funding sources for independent living services. Among the new questions added to ORR-3 include caseworker/provider assessment on personal functioning of the youth and receipt of work authorization. ORR is also proposing to remove from ORR-4 the baseline report for youth who enter the URM program at 17 years of age, as it was determined unnecessary. Other data elements were eliminated because either ORR was not using the data or the information is collected through other means. This includes adherence to safety plan, date of permanency plan review, communication with family members, and funding source information for medical coverage and independent living services. Among the data elements added to ORR-4 include English Language Learner support and caseworker/ provider assessment of youth readiness for independent living as well as the youth’s most recent primary permanency goal, among others.

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Status: Proposed
Subject Matter: Minors Refugees
Agencies Affected: ORR

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