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ORR proposes extending approval for data collection through ORR-5 form

  1. Date Announced

    Nov. 4, 2020

    ORR has submitted a request for OMB review that would extend approval for data collection using the current Refugee Data Submission System for Formula Funds Allocations (ORR-5) until January 31, 2021. ORR also proposes collecting new data elements to inform evidence-based policy making and program design. New data elements include additional demographics, primary goals identified and referrals made to assist individuals work towards self-sufficiency, progress made towards achieving said goals, and employment status of employable individuals 12 months post-enrollment. The proposal is open for public comment for 30 days.

    [ID #1145]

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Status: Proposed
Subject Matter: Refugees
Agencies Affected: ORR

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