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POTUS issues EO 13880 on Collecting Information about Citizenship Status in Connection with 2020 Census

  1. Date Announced

    July 11, 2019

    President Trump issued an Executive Order directing all executive departments and agencies, including DHS, DOS, SSA, and HHS, to provide the Department of Commerce access to any administrative records it may request to determine the number of citizens and non-citizens in the country. [#1128]

    See Biden administration action below.

    View Policy Document
  2. Effective Date of Change

    July 11, 2019
  3. Biden Administration Action

    January 20, 2021

    This Biden administration policy revokes in its entirety the Trump-era policy identified in this entry.

    On January 20, 2021, President Biden issued an executive order revoking this prior action in its entirety. President Biden ordered that the Secretary to report the apportionment base and state-level tabulations to include all inhabitants of each state, without regard to immigration status.

    2021.01.20 Executive Order on Ensuring a Lawful and Accurate Enumeration and Apportionment Pursuant to the Decennial Census

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