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State Department clarifies adoption policies for non-citizens living in the United States

  1. Date Announced

    Jan. 14, 2020

    State Department clarifies that an adoption by noncitizen prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) living in the United States of a child residing in another country does not constitute an "inter country adoption" under 22 CFR Part 96. The agency issued this clarification in response to inquiries from adoption service providers (ASPs) asking whether noncitizen PAPs living in the US will required an accredited or approved ASP to adopt a child in another country. As a result, noncitizen PAPs adopting a child residing in another country are not required to use the services of a US accredited or approved ASP.

    [ID #825]

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  2. Effective Date of Change

    Jan. 14, 2020
Status: Final/Actual
Type of Action: Agency Directive
Subject Matter: Minors
Agencies Affected: USCIS DOS

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