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POTUS issues Presidential Proclamation 9983, adding six new countries to Travel Ban

  1. Date Announced

    Jan. 31, 2020

    The President announces an expansion of the Travel Ban to include immigrant visa restrictions on six additional countries: Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgystan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania. [ID #774]

    See Biden administration action below.

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  2. Effective Date of Change

    Feb. 21, 2020
  3. Biden Administration Action

    January 20, 2021

    This Biden administration policy rescinds in its entirety the Trump-era policy identified in this entry.

    On January 20, 2021, President Biden issued a presidential proclamation lifting two nationality-based travel bans issued by the Trump administration: the 2017 travel ban affecting nationals of Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen, and the 2020 ban affecting nationals of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania.

    The proclamation charges DOS with creating a plan for immigrant visas denied under the ban to be reconsidered and ensuring that visa applicants are not prejudiced by prior denials under the bans if they re-apply for a visa.

    Proclamation on Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry to the United States.
  4. Biden Administration Action

    January 22, 2021

    Pursuant to President Biden’s proclamation, the State Department will undertake a review to ensure that individuals whose immigrant visa applications were denied on the basis of the suspension and restriction on entry imposed by P.P. 9645 or 9983 may have their applications reconsidered. This review will consider whether to reopen immigrant visa applications that were denied due to the suspension and restriction on entry imposed by P.P. 9645 or 9983; whether it is necessary to charge an additional fee to process those visa applications; and development of a plan to expedite consideration of those visa applications.

    Rescission of Presidential Proclamations 9645 and 9983
  5. Biden Administration Action

    March 10, 2021

    After conducting a 45-day review (noted above), the State Department announced that it would no longer summarily deny visa applicants of noncitizens from the 13 countries named in Proclamations 9645 and 9983. Applicants previously denied before under the Trump administration Proclamations can submit applications for reconsideration.

    2021.03.21 Rescission of Presidential Proclamations 9645 and 9983
Status: Final/Actual
Type of Action: Presidential Orders
Subject Matter: Immigrant Visas
Agencies Affected: CBP USCIS Bureau of Consular Affairs

Prior Policies

  • The current travel ban, which applies to Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen, and Somalia. ("Travel Ban 3.0"), expanded the restriction of visas to select countries under Executive Order 13769. In June 2018, the Supreme Court upheld the third version of President Trump’s travel ban.

    DHS Announces Implementation Of Travel Restriction Provisions

Biden Administration Actions


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