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USCIS makes unannounced Form I-730 processing changes, referring certain petitions to ICE

  1. Date Announced

    March 1, 2019

    A USCIS memorandum, released through FOIA litigation, reflects an unannounced change in agency policy regarding the adjudication of Form I-730 Refugee / Asylee Relative Petitions for beneficiaries with prior orders of removal. Procedural changes include a requirement that USCIS adjudicators refer certain I-730 petitions to ICE to decide whether to pursue enforcement action against beneficiaries before USCIS will adjudicate the I-730. The document further indicates that USCIS adjudicators will ask beneficiaries to release confidential information from their asylum applications, which the adjudicators will then use to deny I-730 petitions. [ID #1037]

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USCIS Imposes New Obstacles to Family Reunification for Survivors of Persecution, Document Released in FOIA Litigation Shows

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