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Whistleblower alleges that DHS lied about border threats and safety in Central America

  1. Original Date Announced

    September 8, 2020

    Career DHS official Brian Murphy alleges that DHS political appointee Ken Cuccinelli ordered him to change reports showing “high levels of corruption, violence, and poor economic conditions” in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Murphy also alleges that, in congressional testimony, former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and other DHS officials greatly exaggerated the number of "known or suspected terrorists" (KSTs) attempting to enter through the southern border. [ID #1056]

Current Status

Fully in Effect

Original Trump Policy Status

Status: Reported
Trump Administration Action: Data and Reports
Subject Matter: Border Enforcement
Agencies Affected: DHS


  • Whistleblower: DHS Suppressed Reports on Central America and Inflated Risk of Terrorist Border-Crossers

    Murphy’s complaint makes clear how far political appointees in the Trump administration were willing to go to hide facts or outright lie to the American people to support its cruel—and in several ways illegal—immigration policy.

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