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policies between January 2017 and September 2023

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  1. September 2020

    1. Current Status

      Not in effect
  1. March 2020

    1. March 20, 2020

      COVID-19: CDC order under Title 42 authorizes CBP expulsion of persons arriving by land from Mexico or Canada without valid documents

      BorderAsylum, Withholding and CATMinors CBPDHSCDC Final/ActualIn LitigationRenewed Agency Directive
    2. March 20, 2020

      COVID-19: CBP issues memo on turning away migrants at borders, including unaccompanied minors and asylum seekers

      BorderAsylum, Withholding and CAT CBPCDC Final/Actual Agency Directive

      Current Status

      Partially in effect
  1. May 2018

    1. May 29, 2018

      CDC proposes revisions to tuberculosis information collection from U.S. panel physicians

      RefugeesImmigrant Visas CDC Final/Actual Forms and Information Collection

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect