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policies between January 2017 and July 2024

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  1. July 2020

    1. July 21, 2020

      POTUS issues memorandum excluding undocumented immigrants from apportionment base

      Citizenship Other Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. June 2020

    1. June 17, 2020

      COVID-19: DOE excludes certain noncitizen students from pandemic aid

      HumanitarianCitizenship Other Final/Actual Rule
  1. July 2019

    1. July 11, 2019

      POTUS issues EO 13880 on Collecting Information about Citizenship Status in Connection with 2020 Census

      Citizenship DHSDOSHHSSSA Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. March 2019

    1. March 13, 2019

      SSA creates information collection system to track beneficiaries' absences from the U.S. to combat improper payments

      CitizenshipImmigrant VisasHumanitarian SSA Proposed Forms and Information Collection

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect
    2. March 7, 2019

      DHS to share records with Census Bureau to produce citizenship data for 2020 Census

      Citizenship DHSOther Final/Actual Change in Practice

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect
  1. July 2018

    1. July 5, 2018

      Reports that U.S. Army is discharging immigrant recruits

      Citizenship DOD ReportedRescinded Change in Practice

      Current Status

      Not in effect
  1. March 2018

    1. March 26, 2018

      Commerce Department announces addition of citizenship question to 2020 Census

      Citizenship DOJOther In LitigationEnjoined/VacatedRescinded Change in PracticeData and Reports

      Current Status

      Not in effect
  1. October 2017

    1. October 13, 2017

      DOD increases naturalization requirements for military service

      Citizenship USCISDOD In LitigationEnjoined/Vacated Agency Directive
  1. August 2017

    1. Current Status

      Not in effect
  1. June 2017

    1. June 21, 2017

      DOD removes prohibition on MAVNI enlistees to be considered for security clearances until completion of first enlistment

      Immigrant VisasCitizenship DHSDOD Final/ActualIn Litigation Change in Practice

      Current Status

      Not in effect