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policies between January 2017 and November 2022

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  1. January 2021

    1. January 19, 2021

      DHS signs labor agreement with AFGE National ICE Council 118, ceding unprecedented policy power to union

      EnforcementDetentionInterior ICE Final/Actual Agency DirectiveChange in Practice
  1. October 2020

    1. October 21, 2020

      ICE implements expanded scope for expedited removal

      InteriorBorderHearings and Adjudications DHSCBPICE Final/ActualIn Litigation Agency Directive

      Current Status

      Partially in effect
  1. June 2018

    1. June 28, 2018

      USCIS expands grounds for issuance of NTAs

      InteriorHearings and AdjudicationsImmigrant VisasNon-Immigrant Visas ICEUSCIS Final/Actual Agency Directive
  1. August 2017

    1. August 15, 2017

      ICE issues enforcement guidance to OPLA attorneys implementing EO 13768

      Interior ICE Final/Actual Agency Directive
  1. April 2017

    1. April 26, 2017

      DHS creates Victims of Immigration Crime Enforcement Office

      Interior ICE Final/Actual Agency Directive
  1. February 2017

    1. February 21, 2017

      CBP issues memo implementing EO 13767 and EO 13768

      InteriorBorder CBP Final/Actual Agency Directive
    2. February 20, 2017

      DHS implements EO 13767 on "Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements"

      HumanitarianInteriorBorderDetention USCISCBPICE Final/ActualIn Litigation Agency Directive
    3. February 20, 2017

      DHS memo implementing EO 13768 on "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior"

      InteriorDetentionSanctuary RestrictionsBorder CBPICE Final/Actual Agency Directive