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policies between January 2017 and May 2023

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  1. January 2021

    1. January 14, 2021

      DOL issues rule restructuring prevailing wage system, increasing minimums

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-BasedImmigrant Visas: Employment-Based DOL Final/ActualIn LitigationEnjoined/Vacated Rule
    2. January 8, 2021

      DHS issues rule for wage-based H-1B cap selection process

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-Based USCIS Final/ActualEnjoined/Vacated Rule
  1. November 2020

    1. November 5, 2020

      DOL issues final rule on Adverse Effect Wage Rate for H-2A agricultural laborers

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-Based DOL Final/ActualIn LitigationEnjoined/Vacated Rule
  1. October 2020

    1. October 8, 2020

      DHS issues interim final rule narrowing H-1B criteria

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-Based USCISDOL Final/ActualIn LitigationEnjoined/VacatedRenewed Rule
  1. February 2018

    1. February 22, 2018

      USCIS changes third party placement and contract/itinerary requirements for H-1Bs

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-Based USCIS Final/ActualIn LitigationReplaced Agency Directive

      Current Status

      Not in effect
  1. December 2017

    1. December 14, 2017

      DHS plans to propose rule to rescind work authorization for H-4 spouses of H-1B visa holders

      Non-Immigrant Visas: Employment-Based USCIS In Regulatory Agenda Rule