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EOIR Director to review all standing policy memos, rescinds four OPPMs

  1. Date Announced

    Nov. 7, 2018

    In PM 19-01, the EOIR Director announces a comprehensive review of all EOIR policy memoranda issued by the court components (BIA, OCIJ, and OCAHO). The memo rescinds:

    • OPPM 13-01: Continuances and Administrative Closure
    • OPPM 03-04: Use of Federal Express Delivery Service
    • OPPM 99-3: Facsimile (FAX) Machine Policy between INS, Guam, and the Honolulu HI Immigration Court
    • OPPM 97-5: Facsimile (FAX) Machine Policy

    [ID #1222]

    View Policy Document
  2. Effective Date of Change

    Nov. 7, 2018

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