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ICE announces MS-13 arrests and specifies grounds for alleging gang membership

  1. Original Date Announced

    June 14, 2017

    ICE announces 39 MS-13 arrests in prior 30 days and provides information on Operation Matador and DHS Transnational Organized Crime Initiative. ICE states that individuals are confirmed as gang members if they admit membership in a gang, have been convicted of any federal or state offense criminalizing or imposing civil consequences for gang-related activity, or if they meet certain other criteria such as gang-specific tattoos or membership identified by a reliable source.

    Operation Matador is part of Operation Community Shield, a nationwide effort that began in 2005 to target gang members and their associates. Total numbers for Criminal and Administrative arrests from FY 2005-2017 as a result of the program are included in the PDF. [ID #264]

    ICE News Release

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