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policies between January 2017 and July 2024

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  1. October 2020

    1. October 30, 2020

      POTUS declares November 1, 2020 "National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens"

      Enforcement Other Final/Actual Presidential Orders

      Current Status

      Not in effect
  1. August 2020

    1. Current Status

      Fully in Effect
  1. July 2020

    1. July 21, 2020

      POTUS issues memorandum excluding undocumented immigrants from apportionment base

      Citizenship Other Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. September 2019

    1. September 26, 2019

      POTUS issues EO 13888, limiting refugee resettlement to states and localities consenting to receive refugees

      Refugees Bureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationUSCISORRState & Local Entities Final/ActualIn LitigationEnjoined/Vacated Presidential Orders
  1. July 2019

    1. July 11, 2019

      POTUS issues EO 13880 on Collecting Information about Citizenship Status in Connection with 2020 Census

      Citizenship DHSDOSHHSSSA Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. February 2019

    1. February 15, 2019

      POTUS declares national emergency to "build the wall" along the southern U.S. border

      Border CBPDOD In Litigation Presidential Orders
  1. June 2018

    1. June 20, 2018

      POTUS issues EO 13841, directing families to be detained together and seeking modification of Flores settlement.

      DetentionBorderMinors CBPICEORRDODEOIR Final/Actual Presidential Orders
  1. April 2018

    1. April 10, 2018

      POTUS issues EO 13828, ordering several agencies to restrict immigrant access to public assistance programs

      Humanitarian DOLHHSOther Final/Actual Presidential Orders

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect
    2. Current Status

      Fully in Effect
  1. February 2018

    1. February 6, 2018

      POTUS issues memorandum ordering creation of a National Vetting Center

      Enforcement DOSDHSDOJDODOther Final/Actual Presidential Orders

      Current Status

      Fully in Effect